1. Horizontal Honing Machine (Machine for Deep Holes)

      We design and make honing machines, like Half-automatic Horizontal honing machine and Horizontal honing machine. Half-automatic Horizontal honing machine is for small parts. Horizontal honing machine is for Deep-hole parts. We sell many sets in China, also we have sold to abroad. Please know more in our website.

    1. Honing Tool (Honing Tools for Honing the Small Hole)

      Honing tools are available with customers’ machines or tools. We can design and produce, If you have a honing machines, you can just buy a honing tool.
      We will discuss with you to know the information of your parts. We will design the right honing tools to our customers. Or choose the standard honing tools.

    1. Honing Tool (Honing Tool for Keyway Hole)

      Standard multi-stone honing tools to process large and middle sized holes. Equipped with multi-stones, this honing tool has a high honing efficiency and improves the roundness of holes. If matched with a proper stone, it can provide an excellent honing performance.

    1. Honing Tool (Single-Pass Tool with Diamond Plated)

      Honing tool is made from imported abrasive materials. It has a higher working efficiency, honing precision and a longer service life. The abrasive sleeve can be extended according to setting needs.

    1. Honing Tool (Portable Honing Tools used in Manual Lathes)

      This honing tool is a manually operated tool that consists of the honing head, stone holder, extension bar and adapter. With 5 different models, this manual honing tool has a wide processing range. It can be matched with varied machines, including a handgun drill, radial drilling machine and lathes.

    1. Honing Stone

      Honing stones are very important for honing. Our honing stones are good quality, we sell many stones everyday in and out China, sometimes people just buy our stone sticks. We can recommend or buyers choose the standard stones to hone different parts. Please view the website to know more.