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Welcome to Shanghai Honing, where we specialize in the manufacturing of the right honing equipment for your honing needs. We offer a complete line of service, from the selection of raw materials to the delivery of the final product, and with our complete line of vertical honing machines, horizontal honing machines, automatic honing machines, high-precision honing machines, hydraulic honing machines, honing tools, honing stones, honing abrasives, accessories and cylinder honing machines, we are equipped to handle just about anything you may require for honing needs, from commercial to industrial. We provide both standard and customized equipment, meeting nearly any need a customer comes to us with, and our products are shipped to almost every country around the world. For more information about our products, services and agent cooperation, please feel free to contact us.

Main Products
    1. Horizontal Honing Machine (Machine for Deep Holes)

      Horizontal honing equipment is equipped with a premium spindle motor, which has variable speeds and is supplied by a German manufacturer. This motor is equipped with a three-gear position gear box, and can adjust the rotary speed of the spindle.

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    1. Vertical Honing Machine (Machine with Vertical Honing Tools for Honing Cylinder Liner)

      Vertical honing machine has a PLC device and a touch screen monitor that displays real time data in regards to the working status, this vertical honing machine's honing parameters are easy to adjust. The non-stop and time controlled operation mode features a precise control.

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    1. Honing Tool (Honing Tools for Honing the Small Hole)

      Honing tool is designed to process inner holes and improve the surface finishing on their internal walls. Each is comprised of mandrel, adapter, wedge, stone retainer, truing sleeve, alignment sleeve and stone. The honing tool is applicable to small holes.

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    1. Honing Tool (Honing Tool for Keyway Hole)

      Standard multi-stone honing tools to process large and middle sized holes. Equipped with multi-stones, this honing tool has a high honing efficiency and improves the roundness of holes. If matched with a proper stone, it can provide an excellent honing performance.

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    1. Honing Stone

      Honing stone is an abrasive that is matched with other honing tools and then installed on honing machines to process parts with bores. They are highly efficient, have a high honing precision, a fine finishing, making them suitable for honing applications in the machining industry.

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  • Applications
    1. Drum BrakesWe have supplied various honing machines for drum brakes to numerous customers, assisting them to produce premium ...
    1. Connecting RodIt promotes dimensional accuracy and surface finishing of the rod's precision hole and coordinates the crankshaft with a piston ...
    1. Steering KnuckleSteering knuckles are an important part of the automobile industry that plays a key role in safe and comfortable driving.
    1. GearsHoning machinery solutions we offer to customers provide a highly accurate honing for inner holes in gears ...
    1. Small Size EnginesWe can provide customers with ideal honing equipment solutions for small engines, helping them manufacture premium engines ...
    1. Turbochargers and SparesAs a turbocharger works at high speeds under high temperatures, it is a turbine driven forced induction device ...