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From the beginning of our company, we have put large efforts into the R&D and manufacturing of precision honing machines. At the same time, we also have a complete service management team to ensure a smooth cooperation with customers and the stable operation of their purchases.

Time: 2001

Client: Xuzhou Xu Gong Hydraulic Component Co., Ltd.

Products: Crane Cylinders

Materials: 27SiMn

Problem: The client was using an overseas brand honing machine to process crane cylinders. However, the cylinders were getting scratched by the machine.

Analysis Result: After a thorough on-site inspection and analysis, our technicians discovered the scratches were the result of an overly hard stone. It had very little peeling and it was not easy for chips to be discharged.

Solution: Because the 27SiMn has a tendency to stick to chips, we have developed a new CBN stone that is easier to peel off and more durable in comparison with a common alumina stones. The use of the CBN stone solved the scratch problems. As it has a long service life, it does not require frequent replacement, and the working efficiency of the honing machine is overall improved.