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Drum Brakes

Honing Machines for Drum Brakes

We have supplied various honing machines for processing drum brakes to numerous customers, assisting them to produce premium drum brakes. When compared to unhoned drum brakes, these have a smoother operation, a more reliable braking performance without noise a needs no run-in period. The netted angle caused by the honing ensures an even abrasion of the brake pad in the cylinder. This specialty honing machine also supports short pauses and automatic honing, which can straighten the inner hole of the brake.

To ensure precise dimensions, surface finishing and durability of the honing materials, we have developed a special stone for this honing machine. The designated clamps make the installation and uninstallation quick and easy, improving working efficiency. This specialty honing machine is available in multiple models, including vertical, horizontal, single shaft, multi-shaft, automated and manual. Customized models are also available for customers who have special requirements.