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  • Drum BrakesWe have supplied various honing machines for processing drum brakes to numerous customers, assisting them to produce premium drum brakes.
  • Connecting RodWe also provide innovative and effective solutions by providing honing machine with connecting rods. It promotes dimensional accuracy and surface finishing of the rod's precision hole and coordinates the crankshaft with a piston pin bearing.
  • Cylinder LinerWith our strong R&D department and manufacturing capacity, Honing can provide high precision honing machinery for a full range of cylinder liners.
  • Oil SprayerOil sprayers are common parts in machinery, especially engines. Honing is a critical process, as it makes premium oil sprayers.
  • Tube Gas Flow MeterTube gas flow meters are widely used in industrial machinery. Based on our years of experience, we have developed several reliable honing machines for them.
  • GearsOur honing machines are also applicable to various types of gears, including helical gears, planetary gears, worm gears, racks, sprockets, and spur gears.
  • Hydraulic ComponentsEach honing machine we provide can also handle hydraulic components. Honing machinery we supply to our customers ensures a high dimensional accuracy of the hydraulic products and minimizes the leakage of the hydraulic valves.
  • Oil and Natural Gas EquipmentNearly any underground oilfield equipment and cylinders can be honed using our honing machines. With a high universality rate, this honing equipment is equipped with a unique stone servo and touch screen to make operation easier and honing more precise.
  • Compressor and ComponentsHoning can provide customers with some of the best solutions in honing machines for refrigeration compressors and spares.
  • Small Size EnginesBased on experience, we can provide customers with ideal honing equipment solutions for small engines, helping them manufacture premium engines with high working efficiency, energy efficiency, environmental friendliness and high durability.
  • Steering KnuckleSteering knuckles are an important part of the automobile industry that plays a key role in safe and comfortable driving.
  • Turbochargers and SparesAs a turbocharger works at high speeds under high temperatures, it is a turbine driven forced induction device that increases an engine's efficiency and power by forcing extra air into the combustion chamber, and it has high requirements for the dimensional accuracy of its components.
  • Other IndutriesBased on our R&D and manufacturing capabilities, we have developed a full range of honing machines, including horizontal, vertical, manual and automatic types.