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Italy distrobutor

Italy distrobutor: DAMEC SAS di Maggioni D. & CO.
Tel: +39 03311688680
Fax: +39 01782222915

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We provide thorough services to our customers to meet any requirements they may have in regards to processing technology, as well as contractual technology agreements, ensuring a smooth operation throughout the entire purchasing process. Our services cover the following:

1. For customers that are unfamiliar with honing technology, we provide detailed guidance, including consultation service, and technical analysis of new products.
2. We can provide pre-sales technological tests on the honing machines that customers intend to purchase. The test depends on the difficulty degree of the honing process.
3. We will provide technical training, sample parts, and pre-acceptance services to our customers throughout the duration of the contract.
4. customers who are working with us for the first time, we will provide on-site installation, debugging and operational training and other services before the formal acceptance.
5. All honing machines provided by us are under a one-year warranty, during which a quick response service (a reply to any communication will be met within 24 hours and provide solutions within 48 hours for any problem) are available. For purchases out of the warranty period, we still provide lifelong maintenance services.

Spare Parts Supply
Equipped with a specially designed warehouse for spare parts, we can provide a full range of spare parts for each of our honing machines. Along with spare part kits, we can also provide single spare parts. Inform us of your needs and we will offer you genuine parts as fast as possible.